amd64 debian 3.1 or ubuntu

Todd Deshane deshantm at
Tue Jun 14 04:19:52 UTC 2005

I haven't had any problems running amd64 with ubuntu 5.04 
which has apache2, mysql 4.1, and php5 installed.  

At the time, I think I had to install a couple debian packages, 
but since then, I believe there are ubuntu packages for such things
that are available directly... I am sure that someone can verify that if

I have never used debian myself.

Best of luck with the server.


On 6/13/05, Tim Webster <tdwebste at> wrote:
> I am looking to use amd64 as a server platform for
> webservers, mtas, mysql database severs, etc
> >From people who have installed amd65 with either
> debian 3.1 and/or ubuntu 5.04. What problems did you have?
> Which should I choose for amd64
> debian 3.1
> or
> ubuntu 5.04
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