Truemobile 1150 scanning support

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at
Mon Jun 13 12:27:38 UTC 2005

I have a Dell C.400 laptop with a Truemobile 1150 wireless adaptor
installed internally. The 1150, I believe, is an Orinoco adaptor based
on the Prism 2 chipset.

The problem is that the driver that comes with Hoary does not support
scanning on this card and so utilities such as Wifi-Radar and the neat
script on the Ubuntu WiFiHowto
( pages (which relies on doing
an iwlist scan) do not work.

As I move from home to work and connect to several different networks,
the above utilities would be really useful.

Does anyone have any experience or can point to any documentation on a
version of the driver that does support scanning and if so can you help
me with the details of building and installing such a driver?

Does the driver under Breezy support scanning to anybodies knowledge?

All help very much appreciated as usual.

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IT Services Division, Kilburn Building, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL.
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