Open Hardware ADSL, Linux Friendly

Chanchao custom at
Sun Jun 12 12:25:37 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 08:17 +1000, Peter Gort wrote:

> I use one that has it's own DHCP server, does NAT, and is  
> configurable via it's own web page.  It doesn't care what operating  
> systems talk to it, all you need is a web browser.

Exactly, that's the way to go. Any brand/make that's affordable and got
good reviews is fine. An ADSL modem/router is perhaps THE easiest thing
to add to a Linux box. 

So the only two biggies are:

1. Get one that does DHCP and NAT  (Don't they all?)
2. and can be configured using a web browser by just pointing firefox at
the modem/router's address. (Say which is a common

Note that most current modems/routers do this, save some cheapo
USB-jobs. You want to configure the thing just through the network. All
you have to do is turn the modem on and set Ubuntu to obtain an IP
automatically. (Might require shutting down the network and starting it
up again. (Or just reboot, of course, though Linux people seem to
consider rebooting to be very evil. :)

So it's *very* easy, don't worry about this one! :)  It's actually LOAD
LOADS easier to get an ADSL modem/router working than most current
ordinary modems. (Esp. winmodems.. :)


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