Running a DNS (e.g. BIND9) -- why?

Pierfrancesco Caci pf at
Sat Jun 11 18:00:32 UTC 2005

:-> "Eric" == Eric Dunbar <eric.dunbar at> writes:

    >Why would one set up a DNS > on a small & private LAN? 

So as to resolve hostnames in the LAN, no matter how small, without
having to maintain a separate /etc/hosts on each machine 

    >Does having your own DNS improve look-up
    > response times? 

Yes, if you run your private dns as caching.

    >Can you then host your own domain(s) without having to
    > subscribe to a DNS service like which has its own
    > DNS(erver)?

Uh... well for a private LAN you can fake authority for whatever you
want (i.e.  my.funny.little.home.lan), provided you spend some time
studying the documentation. If you want to run your real
(i.e. reachable from outside) domain, you must register it and your
official authoritative nameservers (remember you need at least 2 of
them) must have fixed IP addresses.



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