Running a DNS (e.g. BIND9) -- why?

Eric S. Johansson esj at
Sat Jun 11 19:18:42 UTC 2005

Eric Dunbar wrote:
> Hello, an abstract question:
> Why would you run your own DNS (domain name server, FYI for innocent
> bystanders)?
> The reason I ask this question is that I often see questions regarding
> set-up of BIND9 or other such DNS services. Why would one set up a DNS
> on a small & private LAN? Does having your own DNS improve look-up
> response times? Can you then host your own domain(s) without having to
> subscribe to a DNS service like which has its own
> DNS(erver)?

as someone else pointed out, is often useful to have your own name 
server for local name resolution.  I have a bunch of machines here at and it really makes things easier to connect to different 

I do not run my own public name servers because it's just too much like 
work.  I'm starting also recommend to my customers that they use 
services provided by organizations like  zone edit or their domain 

it's far easier for organization to outsource this particular service 
that it is to run it on their own.

now for internal use, especially a home network I am really sold on 
dnsmasq which also provides dhcp services.  it has been reliable and it 
looks like it may even be useful in medium-sized enterprises.

I'm really a big fan of simple.  :-)


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