one day you wake up... and everything's gone!

Michael Van Dorpe michael.vandorpe at
Sat Jun 11 08:36:20 UTC 2005

I have to log on to the university network every day to get on the 
internet... It now appears that my problem arises the first time I start 
Ubuntu in the morning. I have to start Windows XP; log on to the 
network, start Ubuntu and thén everything is fine.

So, I'm not having the problem you had... but maybe the problem is 
indeed related to the clock, because the only thing that fails in the 
boot proces is contacting the NTP server for synchronizing my clock. 
Obviously that doesn't work, since I'm not logged on to the university 
network yet for that day.

Could this indeed be the problem? And, if so, why didn't it happen 
before? And what can I do now to solve it? I guess I can remove the 
synchronizing from the boot proces, but that's not a nice solution, is it?

Rainer Gutkas wrote:
> Hi there!
> I had a somehow similar problem to the one you talked about. In my case 
> I had an unproprer shutdown and after the restart everything was messed 
> up. The desktop was uggliest all panel applets gone, etc.
> I then by some mysterious coincidence checked my system clock and it 
> said 1.1.1904. I turned it back to the right date and the desktop was as 
> pretty as before. I'm writing this mail on the same laptop.
> So if it's this problem in your case, it's easy solved. Check the time 
> and date in Windows XP and see if it is set correct. If it is a date in 
> the past, this is the problem. Set it to today's date and boot up in 
> your beautifull Ubuntu desktop again !
> Hope this helps, Rainer

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