one day you wake up... and everything's gone!

Rainer Gutkas Rainer.Gutkas at
Sat Jun 11 20:03:29 UTC 2005

Michael Van Dorpe schrieb:

> I have to log on to the university network every day to get on the 
> internet... It now appears that my problem arises the first time I 
> start Ubuntu in the morning. I have to start Windows XP; log on to the 
> network, start Ubuntu and thén everything is fine.
> So, I'm not having the problem you had... but maybe the problem is 
> indeed related to the clock, because the only thing that fails in the 
> boot proces is contacting the NTP server for synchronizing my clock. 
> Obviously that doesn't work, since I'm not logged on to the university 
> network yet for that day.

That's  the part I left out in my problem disrciption. So the unclean 
shutdown I had was caused by NTP synchronization. That's what's seemed 
to have caused all the trouble. I turned it on the day before and then 
out of the blue the Laptop just shut down and everything semmed to be 
messed up.

> Could this indeed be the problem? And, if so, why didn't it happen 
> before? And what can I do now to solve it? I guess I can remove the 
> synchronizing from the boot proces, but that's not a nice solution, is 
> it?
So I guess it's the problem. So my solution was to turn off NTP. I don't 
know why this should be an ugly solution, as long as you're Laptops 
clock is working probably. So ok you don't have an perfect synchronized 
clock though, but a running system and from what you said 
synchronisation works with windows XP, so the clock get's synchronized 
every now and then.


> Rainer Gutkas wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> I had a somehow similar problem to the one you talked about. In my 
>> case I had an unproprer shutdown and after the restart everything was 
>> messed up. The desktop was uggliest all panel applets gone, etc.
>> I then by some mysterious coincidence checked my system clock and it 
>> said 1.1.1904. I turned it back to the right date and the desktop was 
>> as pretty as before. I'm writing this mail on the same laptop.
>> So if it's this problem in your case, it's easy solved. Check the 
>> time and date in Windows XP and see if it is set correct. If it is a 
>> date in the past, this is the problem. Set it to today's date and 
>> boot up in your beautifull Ubuntu desktop again !
>> Hope this helps, Rainer

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