wmv to mpg/mpeg with gnomebaker

Eric Devost ericdevost at telaneos.com
Fri Jun 10 15:26:16 UTC 2005

Chanchao wrote:

>Well before you do anything you will need to convert the .WMV file to
>MPEG-1 for standard VCD or SVCD-style MPEG-2 for S-VCD.  Have a feeling that
>this would be easiest in Windows with the appropriate codecs installed.
>Then when you have the mpeg file you can use gnomebaker, or the much
>nicer K3B.
>(Or when you're in Windows anyway, just pop it into Nero.. :)
Hi Chanchao,

I think this mailing list is for poeple using Ubuntu, so I feel that 
giving tips on how to do stuff under windows or other OS isn't really 

Just my thoughts,


Eric Devost
Restaurant Le Bellagio

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