wmv to mpg/mpeg with gnomebaker

Thomas Beckett thomas.beckett at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 10:52:32 UTC 2005

On 6/10/05, Chanchao <custom at freenet.de> wrote:
> Hello Elcin,
> Friday, June 10, 2005, 4:20:51 PM, you wrote:
> EBM> how can i burn my wmv file (25MB) to cd as mpeg for playing
> EBM> it on VCDPlayer? i can not find the command "create vcd" or smth.
> EBM> like this atgnomebaker.
> EBM> or maybe i have to install the other tools like cdroast, graveman etc. ?
> Well before you do anything you will need to convert the .WMV file to
> MPEG-1 for standard VCD or SVCD-style MPEG-2 for S-VCD.  Have a feeling that
> this would be easiest in Windows with the appropriate codecs installed.
> Then when you have the mpeg file you can use gnomebaker, or the much
> nicer K3B.
> (Or when you're in Windows anyway, just pop it into Nero.. :)
> Cheers,
> Chanchao
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It is certainly possible to do in linux. you can convert any file that
mplayer can play into (S)VCD or DVD format. There are plenty of
scripts and part scripts around (try LinuxQuestions.org) but I just
did a bit of searching and found this:


Its is essentially a collection of the scripts that together can do
most things you are likely to ever need to do. It has a nice lokoing
front end too. Ive not used it as I only just found it. Ill try it out
myself tonight :)


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