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Troy Williams troywill1 at
Thu Jun 9 23:39:48 UTC 2005

On Thursday 09 June 2005 4:49 pm, Kreg Schlosser wrote:
> Windows can NOT play alot of media out of the box- DVDs, DiVX,
> Ogg, quicktime, Real.... In fact the only thing it does play are the
> proprietary Windows Media player files and MP3.
> I dont understand why everyone complains about the media (which is
> easy to install) capabilities compaired to XP. Look at the start menu
> on a NEW XP install and you will see that it comes with almost no
> software at all "out of the box".

True, depending on what you mean by out-of-the-box.  It is important to 
realize that the 'average' Windows user does not buy their WinXP in a 
shrink-wrapped box off the software shelf.  They get Windows by virtue of 
buying a computer from a retailer (they don't build their box either).  And 
when they buy this box it will play WMA and MP3, and if the box came with a 
DVD drive it will have the software necessary to play DVDs...many of these 
user's would consider that out-of-box, they don't care/know that the software 
is not part of WinXP.  Their computer just works.

Also, many computer manufacturers include Real or QuickTime in their base 
image (I know my new Athlon 64 had Real installed from HP, before I wiped the 
crap off in favor of a real O/S and software).  If one, or both, of these are 
not included in the base image, you know what happens when this average user 
clicks on Real content or QuickTime content on the web.  It pops up a nifty 
little window/page that says: "Hey, in order to play this media you need some 
more bits.  But if you click this button/link and wait a few minutes Bill 
Gates himself will make this file start playing auto-magically!"

None of this, for the most part, happens in our 'wonderful world of Linux'.  
And, if your goal is the emancipation of the average Windows user, it's an 

2 cents...sorry for the continued 'hi-jack'.
Troy Williams
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