problems with evolution and gnupg (hoary)

Ulrich Steffens ulrich at
Thu Jun 9 20:35:19 UTC 2005

Am Donnerstag, den 09.06.2005, 22:07 +0200 schrieb Dennis Kaarsemaker:
> On do, 2005-06-09 at 21:40 +0200, Ulrich Steffens wrote:
> > 
> > $> gpg --encrypt --armor < test
> > You did not specify a user ID. (you may use "-r")
> > Enter the user ID.  End with an empty line:
> > 
> > so i think i have to add a user od to this key?
> Good one, use an available public key :)

sorry for being lame on this topic :)
but what should i actually add?
if i add my name and email adress (which is already there in the key)
the output of gpp stays the same: asking me for a user ID and evolution
spits out the same error.
isnt there a way to tell gpg that the key i imported is my own key which
should be used in any case? like if i just generated it?

i'm lost :)


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