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Thu Jun 9 17:53:50 UTC 2005

jack jackson wrote:
> John, "Challenging" was the correct term. I spent the last three hours
> miscegenating with cygwin on bloody Windows. Don't get me wrong,
> Windows is not the problem, it's that I don't know how to use it (not
> that I'm all so expert in Linux either, but...). I successfully
> installed cygwin, and when I got that going I tried to install VNC,
> which told me it needed Open SSH, which told me it needed Perl, so I
> downloaded those, and then THEY told me that they needed a C Compiler,
> so I downloaded one of THOSE and then...........It's like FreeBSD 0.9
> over here and I'm on a Windows machine. .

Yep, I am prone to understatement at times :P

Anyways, I think this is how I'd do it...

1. Get OpenSSH for Windows from http://sshwindows.sourceforge.net/ 
(Cygwin based, but without so much of the stuff you don't need) and set 
it up.

2. Install TightVNC from http://www.tightvnc.com/on the Windows Box (Set 
it up with a password etc.)

3. Install TightVNC on your Linux Box (I've looked at the Debian archive 
and there are lots of choices).

Then, in order to connect...

Then SSH into the Windows box, ensuring that the command line sets up a 
tunnel between your end and the other end. The principle is that you 
will use vnc to connect to a "local" IPAddress and port, which is then 
translated, probably to[vnc listen port] at the other end.

It's documented a little here:


Like I said, it's a while since I did this, but I'm fairly certain that 
the principles described are correct.


John Kirkland

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