Problem With Postings (firefox from backports)

Mike Bird mgb-ubuntu at
Thu Jun 9 14:23:13 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 02:33, Graham wrote:
> I received 11 copies of this posting, all made on 9th June 2005 at 
> 01:53.  Any reason for this?

The most common cause of multiple identical copies of emails is SMTP

1. Remote server sends your server the mail message.
2. Your server chunders away checking RBL and/or spam and/or A/V.
3. Remote server times out and retries later.

You can confirm whether this is the case by checking the headers of the
eleven messages and determining whether they arose from different
deliveries of the same message.

This can be caused by an overloaded server, or by problems with RBL
(including DNS), spam filter, or anti-virus.  Since you received eleven
copies of one message, one of the filters may have had problems with the
message content or you DNS may have had a problem which lasted for a
period of time.

The problem is not specific to this list, Ubuntu, or Linux.  I wouldn't
worry about it unless it recurs, in which case start checking your RBL,
DNS, spam filter, and anti-virus.

--Mike Bird

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