Remote desktop solution

James Wilkinson ubuntu at
Thu Jun 9 12:04:44 UTC 2005

James Gray wrote:
> FWIW - you can package Cygwin yourself to be as simple to install as anything 
> else in Windows....all depends on how much effort you want to put intoi 
> supporting clients onm different platforms.  VNC clients have about the same 
> degree of complexity as Cygwin when it comes to configuration but if FreeNX 
> looks the goods - then use that.

I've used Inno Setup on Windows in the past for this, admittedly for
PuTTY. You can give your end-users a standard Windows install with
practically no options, that simply installs a "Connect to Linux" icon.
I've even put the server's public key in the right place in the
registry, so they don't get the "you are connecting to a new server: we
can't guarantee it's the right one" message.

(This is actually the Right Way to avoid that message, especially if you
create floppies and CDs yourself, keep them safe, and hand them to the
recipients in person).


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