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Leonard Chung leonard at chung.yikes.com
Thu Jun 9 00:38:21 UTC 2005

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the response -- I got it figured out. The problem was that
the MACE driver apparently is quite promiscuous and binds to the FA311
card. I changed /etc/modules to load the natsemi module before the MACE
module and all is well.

As an interesting note, the same behavior occurs if the MACE module is
disabled so the built-in Ethernet is not explicitly being detected and
handled by a driver.


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On 6/7/05, Leonard Chung <leonard at chung.yikes.com> wrote:
> I didn't get any responses to this first time around, so I wanted to
> I've got Hoary installed on an OW Mac, but I've been unsuccessful at
> any form of stable networking working.
> The internal NIC is detected as eth0 by the MACE module according to
> but ifup says that no device is bound to the eth0 device.
> Using an FA311 NIC, it works with the MACE module but has horrible
> latencies, varying from a fast 1ms to about 5000ms for a ping to the
> on the LAN. 
> I've also tried two intel NICs which work with the e100 driver. They
> sometimes work for a little while at bootup, but then seem to just die
> lose all packets.
> Has anybody seen these problems and had success getting Ubuntu running
> networking on an OW PowerWave Mac?
> Thanks,
> Leonard

People have managed to get Linux (both Ubuntu and YellowDogLinux)
working OW Macs. Chances are you will have to specify the ethernet
card that you are using.

On my Beige G3 I have to do the following to get YDL 4.0.1 to work
(the default setting for 4.0.1 is for a NewWorld machine's ethernet):

"It's a feature, not a bug. add the following line to
alias eth0 bmac"

You'll have to find out whether bmac will work or if you need something

You may also want to read through the YDL archives at 


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