NVU (tar.gz-installation)

Gerhard Gaußling ggrubbish at web.de
Tue Jun 7 19:56:56 UTC 2005

Am Dienstag 07 Juni 2005 17:09 schrieb René L. Reingard:
> okay that works running $ ./nvu in the folder nvu-1.0PR. thats
> interesting   on one side, as i never have seen i program running
> like this. they all work like this here in ubuntu/linux?
> still, i prefer to have it installed traditionally, that i can see it
> in   Synaptic and that there is system-folder created as usual - at
> least to my experience.
> What has to be done?

Hi René,

Move that directory to /usr/local and link the nvu script 
to /usr/local/bin. edit your ~/.bashrc and add /usr/local/bin to your 

Alternatively try to use checkinstall, or use one of the nvu deb 



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