Ubuntu Hoary Hardware Requirements?

Blake Garretson blake.garretson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 18:53:02 UTC 2005

> >
> > I have searched for but did not find the hardware requirements for
> > Ubuntu Hoary Linux.
> >
> > Would Hoary run adequately on an Intel Celeron clocked at about 700 MHz,
> > equipped with 128 MB of RAM and using the i810 chipset?
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> > Regards,
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> > Andreas

I run Hoary on a 500Mhz Celeron (i810) with 256MB RAM and it works just fine 
with the default Gnome. It is very useable; clearly not the speediest 
desktop machine, but not sluggish either. Mine started out at 128MB, but I 
doubled it for $15US at crucial.com <http://crucial.com> several years back. 
You may consider doing likewise.

Blake T. Garretson --- http://blakeg.net
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