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James Wilkinson ubuntu at
Mon Jun 6 12:16:20 UTC 2005

Isabel Winstanley wrote:
> I loaded the live CD v5.04 on my Sony PCV LX1 ME desktop pentium lll with
> 112.0MB RAM.

112 MB RAM sounds like the machine has 128 MB, but 16 MB are being used
for graphics memory. This memory is therefore not available for the rest
of the system.

If you don't use 3D graphics (much), you can probably reclaim some of
this memory through the BIOS. There will be a setting for something like
"graphics memory" or "video RAM". You should not need more than 8 MB of
graphics RAM: you will probably find 4 MB suffices and may be able to
manage with 2 MB.

How do you tell how much you need? If you don't assign much memory to
the video adapter, you can't run in high resolutions with lots of
colours. If you can run your monitor the way you want it, you have
enough graphics memory.

Also, FWIW, will
tell you what your options are for upgrading your system.

Hope this helps,

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