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Sun Jun 5 12:32:53 UTC 2005

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Alex Ferguson wrote:
| Hello,
| I'm having some problems with my drives (CD-ROM,
| DVD-ROM).When I press the physical button to eject
| them, they just don't respond.I can still left-click
| on the icon to eject them, but sometimes, even that
| doesn't work.If I eject them using the eject command
| in the terminal, again, they sometimes don't eject
| (But they do if I sudo them).
| It's not my drives, neither my installation, since it
| happened both before and after I reinstalled Ubuntu.It
| also happens in my friend's PC.So, It might be a
| bug.If somebody knows how to fix this, please tell me.

I'm not sure that's there's anything wrong.  You normally have to
unmount the disk before the eject button will work.  Are you doing that?
~ I'll hazard a guess and say the icon likely does an unmount before
sending the eject command.

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