Problem with Disk Tray!

Daniel de Zille dan at
Mon Jun 6 19:47:26 UTC 2005

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> Alex Ferguson Wrote: 
> > Hello,
> > When I press the physical button to eject
> > them, they just don't respond.
> > 
> It isn't supposed to respond. It's a feature that a disk 
> can't be removed without being unmounted first. It should 
> however eject the disk if you right-click on the icon and 
> chose eject, unless it's busy.

Is there no way that the system could be setup to automaticaly unmount
when the eject button is pressed? This is a particular pain for me as I
am trying to convince my family to use Ubuntu but they cant seem to get
the buisness of disk mounting and unmounting, the mounting is done
automaticaly so how come the unmounting can't have a similar system?

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