Moving Setting from one linux system to another.

S. Donig my-mailfloods at
Sat Jun 4 15:33:42 UTC 2005

> On MEPIS all of that was working no problem as soon as i installed...anyway
> what i want to do is get back to Ubuntu but i want to know if there is any
> way to get the setting that are now for my sound, and DVD (which u use XINE
> to play). I should mention that i'm like about 3 weeks old with Linux so
> please go easy on me.
Your DVD-problem sounds familiar to me. Maybe your box has not enabled
DMA-mode for your player? 
In this case the terminal is really your friend. Open one, type:
'sudo hdparm -d /dev/<your device>'
(If you don't know your device you can might just try (on most laptops
it's /dev/hdc), or you can type 'dmesg' in the terminal and check for
your device there. You can also open /var/log/dmesg with gedit, or have
a look in system> system-administartion> device-manager [crude
translation from German].)  

When you have done so, you should see:
/dev/<your device>:
 using_dma    =  1 (on)		

(Or 0 (off), as I guess is your case.) 

If dma is off, turn it on by typing:
'sudo hdparm -d 1 /dev/<your device>'

And your problems should be gone.

For your other issue it would be helpful if you provided further
information on your soundcard.

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