Problems connecting even on Localhost

Ken McLennan kenrmcl at
Sat Jun 4 06:22:45 UTC 2005

G'day there Ziyad,

> To be honest, I have never used WebMin and I don't have the slightest
> clue as to what cause the problem.  But I'll try to help.

	Thanks for your assistance even without any WebMin experience.

> See if you configured/created a Firewall in WebMin, run the following
> and see what the output is:
>         sudo iptables -n -L

	I followed your advice, and guess what? hit the nail on the head!!

	I had a firewall set up and running with no rules whatsoever. Hence all 
I had to do was to stop the daemon, and everything worked once again. 
 From there I turned it off in WebMin and have had no problems since 
then. Bloody marvellous!!

>>From another angle: If you want to undo anything from WebMin (or any
> other package in Debian in that mater), remove the offending package
> with the “purge” option and then reinstall it again:

	Yes, that would be a viable solution, but luckily I didn't need to go 
to such extremes.

>       * In “Synaptic”, it's the option entitled: “Mark for Complete
>         Removal”.

	Do you know the difference between "Complete" removal & ordinary 
removal? (Before you go into too much detail I must admit that I've not 
even looked into the Synaptic Man pages to see for myself. I'm in Win XP 
at the moment and can't check until I get back to my Linux system. Then 
I've got to remember to have a look =).

>       * In “dselect”, it's “_” (underscore).
>       * With “apt-get” you need to pass the “--purge” option.

	dselect annoys me. I can never quite figure out how to select the 
dependencies or needed packages. Oh well. Synaptic works so I'll leave 
it at that.

Thanks very much for your assistance. Without your advice I'd probably 
still be stumbling about the place. Well done!!!

See ya

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