[ok] Re: root and /home partitions

Jordi Adame V jordi at jordi.net
Fri Jun 3 19:39:33 UTC 2005

If you want to repartition your hard drive you'll have to use parted or

First make a backup of your /home directory in any other dir, just
like /var/mybackup

Once you have your fresh partition ready for /home edit /etc/fstab
and add a line like this

/dev/hda6       /home           ext3    defaults        0       2

Change hda6 for your new partition and ext3 for your chosen filesystem

Restore your /var/mybackup to /home and that's it, good luck


El vie, 03-06-2005 a las 15:22 -0400, bonifacio escribió:
> I have a single partition and want to move /home to another.  Please
> advise on what to do?
> -- 
> bonifacio
Jordi Adame V
jordi @ jordi net

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