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S. Donig my-mailfloods at
Fri Jun 3 06:59:25 UTC 2005

> yes, i put my nokia 5140 in front of irda window. 
> "make sure that irda is up" = ? what does this mean? 
Sorry, that was not precise. I see two possible reasons for your

a) Make sure, that the appropriate modules are loaded. Run 'lsmod' in a
terminal and check that
are listed.
If not, do 'sudo modprobe irda', 'sudo modprobe irtty_sir' and so forth.

b) Maybe you don't have the necessary devices? Check that the following
devices exist: /dev/ircomm0, (maybe) /dev/ircomm1. If not, once again
open a terminal and execute  'sudo mknod /dev/ircomm0 c 161 0' and maybe
'sudo mknod /dev/ircomm1 c 161 1'

Then run irdadump once again and your handy should be listed.
Now you can address your phone via this device, to connect to the
internet (GSM/UMTS). You may consider using multisync (if it supports
your phone) to backup or sync your address-book and so forth, or irobex
to push and pull files (backgrounds/ringtones for instance) on your

If you have any further questions on that, don't hesitate to ask... ;)

> i runned irdadump in a terminal as root, and i wait about 15 min there
> is nothing answers i found and i closed terminal window manually.
>    "Also, have you enabled discovery-mode? (/etc/default/irda-utils,
> there:
> DISCOVERY="true" ) " = yes, i open that file at gedit and read, i
> found that at near the middle of file said that discovery=true.
> best regards and thanks for replying
> On 02/06/05, S. Donig <my-mailfloods at> wrote:
>         Could you switch on irda on your phone, lay it in front of the
>         irda
>         window, make sure that irda is up and then run 'irdadump' in a
>         terminal?
>         If your device is listet there, you know that at least irda is
>         working
>         correctly. If not, there might be missing devices
>         (like /dev/ircomm or
>         so).
>         Also, have you enabled discovery-mode?
>         (/etc/default/irda-utils, there:
>         DISCOVERY="true" )
>         Am Dienstag, den 31.05.2005, 15:56 +0300 schrieb Elcin
>         Bextiyar 
>         Memmedzade:
>         > hi
>         > my Targa Visionary P have a irda device. but i can not
>         establish a
>         > connection with my nokia.
>         > i have installed gsm-utils 1.10-5 (univ.), irda-utils
>         0.9.16-8 (univ.)
>         > and ircp 0.3-2 -- but nothing is changed. is there somebody
>         establish
>         > the irda connection.
>         > when was a win xp, while the mobile phone is putted in front
>         of irda
>         > glass, the window appeared at screen. so, i think , may be
>         at ubuntu 
>         > this process is different? what is the incorrect or mistake
>         made by
>         > me?
>         > thanks
>         >

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