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Albin Blaschka albin.blaschka at
Fri Jun 3 10:18:45 UTC 2005

S. Donig schrieb:

> b) Maybe you don't have the necessary devices? Check that the following
> devices exist: /dev/ircomm0, (maybe) /dev/ircomm1. If not, once again
> open a terminal and execute  'sudo mknod /dev/ircomm0 c 161 0' and maybe
> 'sudo mknod /dev/ircomm1 c 161 1'
> Then run irdadump once again and your handy should be listed.
> Now you can address your phone via this device, to connect to the
> internet (GSM/UMTS). You may consider using multisync (if it supports
> your phone) to backup or sync your address-book and so forth, or irobex
> to push and pull files (backgrounds/ringtones for instance) on your
> phone.


one question concerning the missing devices: what's about udev and 
permissions when I create the devices?

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