Video cards : need advise on USED cards...

Gerard Sharpe gerards at
Fri Jun 3 00:42:47 UTC 2005

>On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 14:00 -0700, Kreg Schlosser wrote:
>> Hey Vincent,
>> Most new AGP 8x cards will work in you AGP 4x slot. I do not suggest
>> getting used hardware. But as some one who sells hardware for a living
>> I would be glad to give adivse. I would suggest getting and Nvidia
>> card since the 3d drivers are much much better then those for ATI. I
>> would suggest something from the Geforce fx 5500 line of cards. You
>> get get a band new one for under 60 bucks. It will also give you
>> enough performance to play most modern games, even Unreal 2k4 and
>> Doom3 (though at the lowest resolutions).
>Oh, forgot. It seems that these boards come with either 128 or 256MB of
>memory. What is the advantage, in practice, of having 256MB over 128 ?
>Again, my one and only point of view is X-Plane. Would that allow me to
>display more obejects (buildings, roads...) and/or better quality
>textures, for example ?
>Vince, planning his X-mas present..

As far as I am aware the extra memory will help the card perform better at
higher resolutions (eg. 1600x1200) and allows for larger textures.

I am using a Radeon 9800pro (128mb) in my Ubuntu box and have no problems.


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