communicate with a printerserver using the mac adress ??

Roland Wegmann rowe_gnu at
Thu Jun 2 17:50:22 UTC 2005


My situation: I have a printer server (Longshine LCS-PS102) and
unfortunately I do not no the default IP address of this printer server. So
I can't use the web browser in order to configure the printer server (static
IP address, device name, ...).

Longshine delivers the printer server with the Windows programm PSAdmin.
Using this tool one can define the IP address of the printer server (and all
the other stuff). But I dont have a Windows Box.

I know that each 'ethernet equipment' has a uniqe MAC address; and I know
the MAC address of my printer server. Now my questions: Is there a way to
communicate with the printer server using its MAC address?? If yes, what
software package do I have to use (telnet, ...)??

I have in mind to use the MAC address in order to configure its IP address.

Kind regards, Roland Wegmann

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