Ubuntu install from LiveCD?

Michael Wagner info at callacd.com
Thu Jun 2 10:46:27 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

I am wondering, if one can trigger an Ubuntu installation from within the 
LiveCD. The basic idea behind this is to have only one CD to test and install 
the system (f. e. like the Knoppix-CD).

The user could launch and test ubuntu and then just by pressing a button install 
his/her new favourite linux distribution.
Alternativly we could create a dual boot CD and let the user decide what to 
start, but I fear this would be a problem of running out of space on a CD...

Just imagine what nice tool we would have when this combined CD could be put on 
an USB stick...

Is it possible or what do I have to do to add the installing capabilities to the 
Live CD?


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