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Ed Fletcher ed at fletcher.ca
Thu Jun 2 05:36:43 UTC 2005

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Hi All:

I'm trying to set up Webmin on my Hoary server.  By default, it installs
in ssl mode, which is great.  However, I cannot log in from another
machine on the local network.  I get an 'Access denied from [my ip]'
message.  I've add this ip to /etc/hosts.allow with the ALL switch.
I've tried to set up ssl with
'openssl genrsa -out privkey.pem 4096'
but it only seems to generate a private key.  Note that I didn't add the
- -des3 switch to create a passphrase as it seemed to be not a good idea
to use one for a key that will be used with a server certificate.

I'm really not sure which way to go here.  The documentation at
openssl.org is pretty minimal.  Installing webmin generated a
certificate but (seemingly) nothing else.  I understand that there are
some login issues to deal with in webmin, but I'm not even getting as
far as the login page.

I can log in locally from the server with lynx.  (I found out how to set
a root password for webmin without needing one on the box itself.)  I
just can't get to the login page from another computer.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Ed Fletcher
ed at fletcher.ca

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