Bad Xorg symbolic link in Breezy

Bob Nielsen nielsen at
Wed Jun 1 21:19:48 UTC 2005

On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 05:25:53AM +1000, Daniel Stone wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 09:46:50AM -0700, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> > It looks like -21 is broken also.  It (probably an installation script) 
> > recreated the bad symlink from /usr/X11R6/bin/Xorg to itself.  When I 
> > tried the same tactic I used for -20 (above), that didn't work, since 
> > Xorg is only a 7460 byte file which won't execute!
> xserver-xorg pre-depends on x-common (>= 1.0), which will make
> /usr/bin/X11 a directory, among other things.  Obviously bad things
> will happen if x-common gets installed, /usr/bin/X11 gets made a
> symlink to 'fix' other problems, and xserver-xorg gets installed, in
> that order.

Strange, xcommon (1.0) is installed, and the /usr/bin/X11 directory 
does exist.    It contains /usr/bin/X11/X (among other things). 

I didn't manually create any symlinks.  Everything was working fine 
with -16, but broke during a subsequent upgrade.

Right now I see the following:

ls -al /etc/X11/X
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 17 2005-03-12 17:05 /etc/X11/X ->  /usr/bin/X11/Xorg

ls -al /usr/bin/X11/Xorg
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 20 2005-06-01 07:45 /usr/bin/X11/Xorg -> ../../X11R6/bin/Xorg

ls -al /usr/X11R6/bin/Xorg
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 20 2005-06-01 07:45 /usr/X11R6/bin/Xorg -> ../../X11R6/bin/Xorg

I also see:

ls -al /usr/bin/X11/X
-rwsr-sr-x  1 root root 7460 2005-06-01 02:07 /usr/bin/X11/X

Do you see anything obviously wrong here and if so, is there an easier 
way to fix it rather than uninstalling all of X (and everything which 
depends on X)?

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