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Jarz Corp ulist at
Wed Jun 1 17:08:46 UTC 2005

This is the sound hack. I had to do this to get my onboard ac97 to be
able to play several sounds at once, I know that the ac97 is a software
based windows chip, so don't even go there. I will bong in some creative
stuff later.

My hardware, as it is any of your business =) is as follows:

Board: Asus A8N (n4 chipset), I have 1 Gig dual ram, Onboard sad ass
ac97 sound, Amd64 3500+ CPU and a ATI 700 PciE vga card. And a couple
of 160gig discs that has caused no problems what-so-ever on ubuntu,
which impressed me quite a lot.

And it is a pleasure to use this hardware under linux, becuase the
stuff that works really works. Not like on windows where I can se my
cpu being idle most of the time, on linux it is used 100% when it is
needed. I really dislike that windows still cant to multitasking but
still is multithreading, but that is another discussion.

Jarz Corp

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