Sound problems Hoary

cacao74 ulist at
Wed Jun 1 15:01:12 UTC 2005

sal Wrote: 
> i have the same motherboard as you and am trying to get Kubuntu set up.
> i got everything els except the "Sound system" running as it should.
> how exactly did you get this motherboard set up with sound? i see you
> give instrcutions for ubuntu but is it the same in kubuntu?
> could you give me a step by step on it?
> TIA.
It's not exactly the same thing. On Ubuntu, after a fresh install I
have only the Gnome Desktop environment. The default settings for audio
mixer was the Esound daemon (esd). Using the gstreamer-property tool, a
graphical gui, I set the sound server to ALSA. Neither more nor less.
On your Kubuntu, you should have the KDE desktop environment. I think
that you can check the sound server settings from KDE contro center
finding something about artsd, alsa, ...
Just one thing: check for the mixer and verify that all channels than
you will use are not muted or the level is setted to zero.



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