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Kent Nyberg nyberg.kent at spray.se
Wed Jun 1 13:31:56 UTC 2005

tis 2005-05-31 klockan 23:59 -0400 skrev Stephen R Laniel:
> Under Debian, anyway, there used to be packages like
> mozilla-snapshot, containing the latest builds off
> mozilla.org. They were highly experimental, but good for
> those of us who like to hose our machines. I'm wondering
> where they went, now that I'm itching to use the Deer Park
> build of Firefox. Any idea where that went, and whether it
> could be resuscitated for Ubuntu?
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The stable version of Ubuntu only gets security-fixes so that package
will soon grow out of date. And having it in the development version of
Ubuntu is not the correct way,since the development version of Ubuntu is
only for the purpose of creating the next stable version of Ubuntu.
I guess there is an exception for code that in time of the release
*will* get stable (as Gnome), but as I read your mail, that is not what
you ask for, right?

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