Seg fault city

Scott J. Henson scotth at
Sun Jul 31 04:21:05 UTC 2005

Jack Jackson wrote:

> Hi Scott,

>> I'm not sure what others are doing about this.  But there are two things
>> I would look into.  First, can you print from other applications?  If
>> not then cupsys might be misconfigured in some fassion or some such.
>> If you can print from other applications.  The other easy thing for you
>> to try would be to try some packages that we use at work that use
>> xprint.  They are at .  You
>> will also have to install xprt-xprintorg to get it working.  If these
>> work then you can blame the ps module of mozilla.
> actually I can print from all other non mozilla-based apps, and until
> the upgrade of 1.0.6 I was able to print from both Mozilla Firefox and
> thunderbird. Once the upgrade was done I began having intermittent
> issues with all mozilla stuff. It's a real bummer.
Yeah inability to print can be a major downer.

> Does this mean I can plane the ps module of mozilla...and if so, what
> can I do to help fix? I've seen several posts similar to mine since
> the update to 1.0.6

I don't know for a fact that it is the mozilla ps module.  But for you,
there are a few things you can try beffore you get mad at firefox and
such.  First, make sure all firefox processes are stopped(a reboot might
be good to ensure this if you have the time).  Then try moving your
.mozilla directory out of the way.  At this point you should be able to
start firefox and hopefully everything should start working just fine. 

If it does not, then I think you need to file a bug in the Ubuntu
bugzilla about that.  I can't reproduce the crash even using the default
Ubuntu debs.  So when you file your bug include as much detail as
possible.  Make sure you include what printer you have, how its
connected to your computer.  If you want to ensure that your bug report
is attended to quickly you might want to read one of the many bug
reporting howtos(google is your friend to find these). 

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