Seg fault city

Jack Jackson jackson.linux at
Sun Jul 31 02:21:39 UTC 2005

Hi Scott,

Scott J. Henson wrote:
> Jack Jackson wrote:
>>This is not stopping and despite an inexplicable and temporary respite
>>all firefox products are crashing on print, displaying segmentation
>>fault. I have seen several others complain. Is there anything that I
>>can do to assist those working on this/is there anyone working on
>>this/how can I do more than complain?
> I'm not sure what others are doing about this.  But there are two things
> I would look into.  First, can you print from other applications?  If
> not then cupsys might be misconfigured in some fassion or some such. 
> If you can print from other applications.  The other easy thing for you
> to try would be to try some packages that we use at work that use
> xprint.  They are at .  You
> will also have to install xprt-xprintorg to get it working.  If these
> work then you can blame the ps module of mozilla. 

actually I can print from all other non mozilla-based apps, and until 
the upgrade of 1.0.6 I was able to print from both Mozilla Firefox and 
thunderbird. Once the upgrade was done I began having intermittent 
issues with all mozilla stuff. It's a real bummer.

Does this mean I can plane the ps module of mozilla...and if so, what 
can I do to help fix? I've seen several posts similar to mine since the 
update to 1.0.6


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