getting mozilla thunderbird to group replies

Nick C chakynet at
Sat Jul 30 20:22:14 UTC 2005

Mustafa Abbasi <lordverminard at> writes:

>>i recently installed thuderbird and now use it as my mail application.
>>one thing i really want is that thunderbird be able group replies togather
>>like gmail.
>>is there a feature or an extension i can use.
>>that make reading mailing list so much easier.

It's not like Gmail, but for this mailing list, I use View -> Sort by ->
Threaded, so all replies on the same subject go under the same Thread.

And there is also a option View -> Sort by -> Grouped By Sort, but I do
not know what it does.

You can always ask here:
Mozilla Thunderbird Support - MozillaZine Forums

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