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Sean Sieger sean.sieger at
Sat Jul 30 17:43:41 UTC 2005

Rajiv Vyas <rajiv1 at> writes:

> Emacs is great as an editor -- I started using it about a month ago
> and am still a total newbie. The question is: how do I get this GNUs
> working -- the mail and news reader?

C-h i > Gnus.

You _have_ to read the info pages. Which is perfectly analogous to having
to 'C-h t' to learn how to use emacs at all (and less proportionately, doing
'vimtutor' in your shell to be able to get vim 'functional'.)

> Does the mail reader need to be
> configured with fetchmail or something similar?

Yes. I use smtpmail and a simple .gnus.el hack which I dug up at emacswiki.
In my very :) humble opinion if you are going to achieve any success with
emacs you have to make using the documentation resources a habit -- it'll
only effect how much _more_ you will read other documentation.

> Can it retrive my pop
> emails from gmails?

Uh-huh, read this:

Note: replacing the pop3.el file is essential, follow the instructions to
the letter.

> And how is it different from Mutt?

Do not know -- having a fully functional CVS Emacs is what brought me to
GNU/Linux in the first place.

> I tried configuring it once for mail/news and got a bunch of error messages.

Hacking Emacs isn't for everyone, but if you can get any newsreader to
download a huge chunk of recent articles from gmane.emacs.gnus.general you'll
find answers to questions you haven't even formulated.

Sometimes I think .emacs and .gnus.el files are what taught me that hacking
configuration files is a possibility.
Sean Sieger

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