Michael Shergold michaelshergold at
Sat Jul 30 17:09:42 UTC 2005

Playing with Ubuntu on an old laptop and have managed to get many things to work.  It will talk to the INTERNET across my MSWindows LAN, I can print on my two LAN shared printers, TOTEM now plays DVDs and it plays CDs very nicely.

I often access BBC sites which require REALPLAYER. So I installed REALPLAYER 10 and it sits there in the application list but never seems to start. then from the BBC WEBSITEs it seems to start correctly but nothing streams to the player and it makes no sound and eventually after a lot of clicking about I get the message that the RadioPlayer program is not responding and I have to click to kill it.   It at first seemed  to require two nphelix files but they seem to be uninstalled perhaps when REALPlayer is installed as it seems to unistall the helix software.

I am also struggling to access files across the LAN. Linux File manager can't seem to display the distant LAN Windows folders/files.

How does this update system work?  Every couple of days when I switch on it tells me updates are available.  Are they forecast or something as usually I've not connected when I see this icon..  Or perhaps they were there the previous evening when I logged out.

Almost a Linux convert but not quite

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