Print problems revisited

Alan Swartz kde at
Fri Jul 29 13:52:48 UTC 2005

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squareyes wrote:
> Hi all,
> am getting near the point of desperation,
> In just over 4 years I have *never* managed to print a *single page
> *using any Linux distro. The best has been with Man10, where I could
> print a page of text, but only the left hand 2 thirds of it. The remaining
> right hand third of the page just dissapeared.
> squareyes at here:/dev$ ls /dev/lp0
> /dev/lp0
> does this mean the parallel port is OK, All 3 printers I have,
> Epson LQ 500, Epson LX 300, HP Laserjet 4Plus, used to work under
> Windows on this machine, and others seem to be able to get Old Epson
> printers to work, could it be a hardware problem?  Have tried 3

Hi squareyes, I am wondering if you do have a hardware problem. I have
been using my HP Laserjet 4Plus for years with a number of different
distros without any problems -- almost like plug and play. You say you
haven't been able to print a single page using any distro in several
years. Are we talking about the same hardware?

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