Ubuntu Hoary - Upgrade to latest subversion release

Shot - Piotr Szotkowski shot at hot.pl
Thu Jul 28 20:45:06 UTC 2005


Gregory Piñero:

> I'm really anxious to get subversion working. Would you
> mind explaining your reccomended approach a bit more?

Sure. Sorry for the delay.

1. It looks like `apt-get build-dep` doesn't honour
the pinning, so I had to get the dependecies "by hand".

2. I went to http://packages.ubuntu.com/subversion, clicked "breezy",
scrolled down to "Source Package: subversion" and clicked that:

3. I fired up aptitude and installed (from Hoary) all of the
build-depends except for swig (Hoary has 1.3.22, subversion
requires >= 1.3.24) plus build-essential and fakeroot.

4. I had to build Breezy's swig first. Great. I clicked swig,
scrolled down to "Source Package: swig1.3" and clicked that:

5. Fired up aptitude and installed (from
Hoary) all of swig1.3's bild-depends.

6. Downloaded swig1.3_1.3.24.orig.tar.gz
and swig1.3_1.3.24-1ubuntu3.diff.gz.

7. `tar xzvf swig1.3_1.3.24.orig.tar.gz`

8. `gunzip swig1.3_1.3.24-1ubuntu3.diff.gz`

9. `patch -p0 < swig1.3_1.3.24-1ubuntu3.diff`

10. `cd` to the created directory, `chmod +x debian/rules`

11. `fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage`

12. Time passes. It is getting dark.
You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

13. `cd ..` and `dpkg-deb -f swig_1.3.24-1ubuntu3_i386.deb`, to check
whether any packages from Depends: are missing - if so, get them from

14. `sudo dpkg -i swig_1.3.24-1ubuntu3_i386.deb`

15. Repeat points 6.-14. for subversion package(s).

Hope it all works for you as well; if not - let us know. :o)

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