AMD Turion 64 Laptop Advice?

Miquel Escarrà quelet at
Thu Jul 28 17:38:20 UTC 2005

Matt Galvin <matt.t.galvin <at>> writes:

> Hi All,
> Here is your chance to influence my laptop buying decision...
> I started looking around at laptops and really want to give one of
> these new AMD Turion laptops a try. The particular machine I am
> reviewing at the moment is the:
> HP/Compaq nx6125 AMD Turion 64
> Has anyone had the good fortune to have used one of these or some
> other AMD Turion laptop?
> What was you impression of the machine and ultimately does Hoary(or
> Breezy) work well on it?
> What other experiences did you have with the laptop?
> Any information you could provide is greatly appreciated. I don't want
> to go out and buy something that isn't going to work, and I haven't
> found any local stores that carry it so I can't even go to the store
> with a live cd and try it out.
> I anxiously await your input.
> Thanks,
> Matt
Hi, Matt,

I just got this laptop yesterday. By the moment I only have had some success
with Ubuntu live CD 4.10 and a rather older Mephis version. Neither Hoary Live
CD for i386 or AMD64 architecture accept to work inside my Compaq. 

So I ask for help about the same subject: is there any problem with AMD Turion64



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