Firefox with Tabbrowser Extensions failing to open links in a new tab.

Neil Woolford neil at
Wed Jul 27 17:38:29 UTC 2005


Tabbrowser Extensions does lots that I want.  However I don't seem to be
able to configure it so that one of the better original Firefox features
still works.

I want to be able to open links in a new tab, rather than have them
replace the contents of the current tab.  I was able to do this in
Firefox by middle clicking the links, or right clicking and selecting
the appropriate menu item.

This no longer works now I have added Tabbrowser Extensions.  Middle
click does nothing, right click still brings up the menu with the 'open
in new tab' option, but it does nothing.  The only thing that works is
the default left click to open the link in the current tab.

I have tried changing settings in the Tabbrowser Extensions preferences,
but this makes no difference at all to the behaviour.


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