Firefox nightly builds and coexistence with 1.0.6?

Maxim badran at
Wed Jul 27 05:53:28 UTC 2005

install in another directory... like /home/(username)/firefox/ that is how I 
used to run 1.0.6 before it hit the reps :) & make a link like you did ;) 
dont forget to get the flash stuff :) 

On 7/27/05, ausaitis <ausaitis at> wrote:
> Having recently transitioned from Windows XP to ubuntu, I would like to
> continue testing both Firefox and Thunderbird nightly builds as I have
> been doing under XP for a very long time. I would, however, like to keep
> a stable version of FF and TB installed alongside the nightly builds.
> Clearly, installing FF 1.0.6 from the sec rep is easy enough, but for
> the life of me I can't work out how to install an additional nightly
> build so that it uses its own separate directories for both binaries and
> profile. The same question would also hold true for Thunderbird.
> I have downloaded the tar.gz files from the Mozilla ftp and I have
> installed Firefox by placing the binaries in a /opt/firefox directory. I
> then created a custom app launcher under Gnome and provided the path to
> /opt/firefox/firefox with the -p option to create a separate profile
> folder, but at this point it insists on running the existing 1.0.6
> installation and ignoring the nightly?
> Would some one be able to walk me through the steps necessary to achieve
> my objectives please?
> Thanks
> Aus.
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