<alt> and left mouse button

Johan Meskens CS3 jmcs3 johanmeskenscs3 at chromaticspaceandworld.com
Tue Jul 26 22:00:47 UTC 2005


i cite:

The problem isn't with Blender at all. It's just that your desktop 
manager currently "owns" that combination. In many desktop managers 
(KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox, etc.) in Linux the LMB Alt combo is used for 
moving windows around. It's a feature not a bug.  Unfortunatly, Blender 
(and other complex 3D packages like Maya, XSI) need this combination for 
all kinds of things.

To fix it you need to either disable the function or rebind the 
combination to a different key (windows key works) in the desktop manager.

how can this be done/fixed in ubuntu ?


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