is this the actual firefox in hoary???

Jochen Kächelin gissmoh at
Mon Jul 25 23:59:47 UTC 2005

root at laptopjkt:/var/www # CP mozilla-firefox
  Mögliche Pakete:1.0.2-0ubuntu5
     1.0.6-0ubuntu0.1 0
        500 hoary-security/main Packages
 *** 1.0.2-0ubuntu5 0
        990 hoary/main Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

My sources.list:

deb hoary-updates main

deb hoary main restricted universe 

deb hoary-security main 
restricted universe multiverse

deb hoary-updates main restricted 
universe multiverse

deb hoary-extras main 
universe multiverse restricted

because of my paranoia I run abount 10 "aptitude update" and 
"aptitude upgrade"

In some mails I see people talking about

 mozilla-firefox 1.0.4-1ubuntu3~5.04ubp5

Whats wrong??

Jochen Kächelin |

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