Using Smeg and terminal commands

BBBB ubuntulist at
Sun Jul 24 16:03:09 UTC 2005

I am setting up an Ubuntu box for my Brother and am trying to fine tune a
few things.
I want him to be comfortable with Gnome before I introduce him to the
I would like for him to be able to play Chromium with sound. For Chromuim to
with sound after a reboot, I have to use the command "killall esd"

  Is there a way to automatically do this when starting Chromium? I used
Smeg to change
the start command to "killall esd ; chromium" but that didn't work.
I suppose the command has to be done in Terminal?

I haven't noticed any problem using this command. Could it create a sound
problem in
other apps?

Thanks for a great list


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