kubuntu: konqueror doesn't monitoring file change

Matthias Heiler heiler at gmx.de
Sun Jul 24 12:13:00 UTC 2005


I'm using kubuntu 5.04 with the latest 2.6.12-3 kernel from breezy.  I
had to make some changes (latest kernel with boot parameters
"idle=halt" and "pci=bios") in order to allow my system (Dell Latitude
D610) run acceptably (un)stable under ubuntu.  The default installation
freezed completely about once every 1 or 2 hours.

When I experimented to get the system stable I accidentally removed
the capabilities of my KDE to detect when files change, are deleted,
or created.  I.e., I always have to click the reload button in order
to see files in their current state.  With kdvi and konqueror this is
especially annoying.

I didnÃ't find good documentatino ofthe Kernel/ KDE file update
mechanism on the net.  Attempts to install "FAM", but aptitude would
remove KDE completely which is not what I want.  As I understand there
are various, incompatible solutions out there.  But I don't know which
is the one that works.

Does anybody know which package or kernel parameter I have to install
or switch on in order to get KDE recognize file uÃpdates again?

Thanks in advance,


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