virus detection in evolution

damonw5 ulist at
Fri Jul 22 19:47:26 UTC 2005

Charles Malespin Wrote: 
> Hi all, I use evolution to get my gmail mail and sort them out with one
> folder for this mailing list, and one for personal mail. Is there
> something I can use to scan emails for viruses and things like that?  I
> am running a default set up of hoary so is there something already
> enabled to help this out?  I dont want anything super crazy or
> complicated, just something I can scan individual emails with or just
> kinda filter all the emails I get.  Nothing too difficult please!
> Thanks, 
> Charles
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There are 60,000 viruses for Windows. There are approximately 40
viruses for Linux.

Gmail automatically blocks many types of files that contain viruses,
and full-fledged virus scanning is on the horizon.

Probably 99% of viruses are in attachments to email. Macro viruses for
Outlook and Word, etc. don't run on Linux.

In short, viruses are not a big concern for Linux unless you are afraid
of infecting your Windows peers. Be careful with attachments and use
Linux and you should be all set.

Others here can tell you about setting up a virus-scanner, though.


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