accessing my ubuntu computer remotely from a Windows PC

UbuWu ulist at
Fri Jul 22 16:59:10 UTC 2005

Lee Braiden Wrote: 
> On Friday 22 July 2005 16:20, Jeff Co wrote:

> > I'd like to access my files on my Ubuntu PC. Stuff like my pictures,
> and

> > maybe some text documents that I've saved. I want to be able to
> retrieve

> > them, and also have the ability to do things as though I were sitting
> right

> > in front of my Ubuntu PC. For example, saving new files on my Ubuntu
> PC.

> > Deleting stuff (in my home directory)


> You have two main options: a shell-based interface, like SSH, or a
> remote 

> desktop solution like VNC, or FreeNX.  Both provide you with ways of
> doing 

> both, but have different resource requirements, so you'll want to pick

> whatever suits your needs best.


I would advice a combination of both options: vnc through ssh.

Here are some instructions to get you started:


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