accessing my ubuntu computer remotely from a Windows PC

Jeff Co hanzjordan at
Fri Jul 22 16:47:25 UTC 2005

> You have two main options: a shell-based interface, like SSH, or a remote
> desktop solution like VNC, or FreeNX. Both provide you with ways of doing
> both, but have different resource requirements, so you'll want to pick
> whatever suits your needs best.

I think I'll stay away from just a text-based "command line/dos prompt" way. 
I'd like to do a GUI way. Between VNC and FreeNX, which (better) suits my 
needs? Again, my needs are accessing my home directory and my home/pictures 
directory. Basically, I want access to my computer because I want to be able 
to show friends and family the pictures I have taken.

Is one easier to install than the other, for both client (Win PC) software 
and server (Ubuntu PC) software?
Is one more popular, or more newbie-friendly than the other?

> I want something that is secure. Something that only I, with some sort of
> > password, can access, and that nobody else on the internet can access.
> "Some sort of password" is far from secure.

Do you mean that using a password is not enough security? Is there another 
"level" of security?

If you know you only want to
> access your computer from ONE remote windows XP box on a known network, 
> you
> have a number of better options, such as limiting the connections to that
> remote IP address only, using keypairs, etc.

At this time, I don't know the client PC's IP address, but I can ask and 
find out if it will help. Will it help if i find out that client PC's IP 
address? Both PCs are directly connected to the internet. There is no 
home-network (LAN).

> Is there anything I must avoid doing to avoid getting the remote 
> connection
> > permanently cut? When I say "permanent connection", I mean that the
> > remote-control ability an only be fixed if I go back in person to the
> > Ubuntu PC.
> Yes. Don't reboot your machine for one thing ;) Others include upgrading 
> the
> software you're actually connecting with, modifying your firewall 
> (depending
> on the firewall and its setup), etc.

To confirm, you mean, "Don't remotely reboot the server machine", yes? If 
so, I'm curious: why would this cut out the connection? The server 
PC(Ubuntu) doesn't have any firewall. Perhaps the client PC doesn't either, 
but I'm not sure. So , is this the complete list? Or are there others?
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